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ASK -- Advice Sought via Karmayog.org
Form No. 0502      Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Punishment for filing a False affidavit in the court of law
We have received a a request for Advice via Karmayog as per the details below.
Please offer your help to the person seeking advice.
Please contact them directly and also send us a copy of your email.
This form and its replies may also be displayed at www.karmayog.org/ASKed

A: Details of the problem
1.Problem: Punishment for filing a False affidavit in the court of law
2. Period: 2010 - February
3. Details: On 2nd February, during the court session of a bogus domestic violance case, my wife filed a false affidavit in Gandhinagar Session court, claiming that I called her brother and threatened them over the phone and that she was present (listening) when the call was received by her brother.
4. Additional information: Nil
5. Steps taken till now:
Subsequently during our one on one meeting on the same day, she has confessed that she was not present at the time when I had called her brother. (That means, Her brother has made up false story).
6. Result:
I have recorded that conversation in my mobile, proving her a liar. She is under complete control of her brother and father who are the master mind of this bogus case.
7. Help needed now:
What is the punishment for lying like that and filing a false (signed) affidavit in the court? She has done like that previously also and Judge has done nothing even after us submiting all evidences
8. Will pay fees for help / professional advice:
B: My Suggestions
1. For Commercial organisations: If there is a confident attorney who can help then I am willing to pay. I want her brother and father get punished for forcing her to file such false case and for filing false statements with Police
2. For NGOs: Myself and my family have been going to Gandhinagar from Vadodara every week or other week. We have been called for more than 30-40 times in a single year and the case is not even half finished.
3. For Government: This a complete BOGUS case.Judge knows that well and he has even told someone like that outside the court. But, I think, he is draging the case and trying to find a fault with me by hook or crook.
4. For others in a similar situation: File a compaint in the vigilance department in the HIGH court. Also, write to the offfice of President of India. I have done that and an investigation has been ordered from both places.
5. Other Information Needed: Get information from HIGH court and list on the website for each court where such cases are happening. (Both, the court and Police who took FIR are being investigated at present.)
C: Websites / People / Resources that I have found helpful
D: My contact details
1. Name:
Nayan Shah
2. Profession:
3. Phone:
4. Email id:
5. Location: