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Please help us in making this a comprehensive resource section for those directly connected or affected by this issue e.g. citizens, NGOs, government officers, students, teachers, researchers. Please directly upload or email us relevant content. This can include lists, articles, photographs, research papers, links to websites, etc. Please volunteer as an expert panelist to whom we can direct queries from our website visitors

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The CBI welcomes information relating to corruption in Central Government departments and Central Public Sector Undertakings. The Website can be used to pass on the information. The identity of the informant will be kept secret.

Every State in India has at least one CBI office headed by a Superintendent of Police, where a signed complaint can be lodged. The complaint can be sent by post, fax or in person.

As a matter of policy the CBI does not entertain anonymous / pseudonymous complaints.

The CBI does not take up investigation of conventional crimes 
like murder, theft, robbery etc 
unless directed by the Supreme Court / High Courts or referred by State Governments. 

This is because "police" is a State subject under the Indian Constitution and the basic jurisdiction to investigate crimes is that of State police. The CBI's power to investigate cases is derived from the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act. The CBI can investigate the offences notified under this Act in the Union Territories and with the consent of State Governments, in the States. Besides, since the CBI is a small force, administratively also it has not been considered expedient for the CBI to investigate the conventional crimes unless directed by the Supreme Court/High Courts or referred by State Governments.

URL: http://cbi.nic.in/