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Kerala Social Welfare Department has an efficient mechanism to promote alternative parenthood to all orphan, abandoned and destitute children It is an excellent example of what all states should do .


Sanadha Balyam

(Providing alternative parenthood to all orphan,
abandoned and destitute children in Kerala)



Healthy and joyful family to every orphan, destitute and abandoned child.


  •  De-institutionalization of all orphan, destitute and abandoned children.
  • To Control social factors which lead to destitution.


Strict enforcement of provisions laid down under the Juvenile Justice Act and Orphanages and other Charitable Home Supervision and Control Act.

Action Plan

  •  Prepare a database of adoptable children kept in all Govt. & Non-Governmental  institutions.
  •  Prepare the institutionalized children for Adoption/Foster Care Placement.
  • Organize Adoption Awareness Programme in each district and sensitize all key functions    and line departments.
  •  Identification of care givers        (Temporary foster mothers, sponsors) at panchayat level and             declare than as fit persons under J.J.Act.
  • Capacity building of care             givers with the help of social work institutions.
  •  Identification of Adoptive parents and prepare them for Adoption.
  • Online Registration and  Matching of children with Prospective Adoptive Parents and familiarization  procedures
  • Placement of children and follow up.
  •  Enlist of all adoptable children kept in Institutions with ACA and disseminate of data with all placement agencies.
  • Identification of all illegal child care centers and initiation of legal prosecution under Orphanage and other Charitable Home Supervision & Control Act and Juvenile Justice Act.
  • Identification of sponsors at panchayat level and strengthening at risk families by providing required support system for the child in need of         care and protection.

Role of Different Agencies

 (a) District Collector

  • Co-ordination of all activities at District level and periodic monitoring and evaluation.
  • Collect details of all illegal child care centres and initiate action for Prosecution.
  • Issue clearance certificate to all orphan, abandoned, neglected and destitute children within one month of receipt of application (wherever child welfare committees are not functioning)

(b)     CWC:

  • Issue Clearance Certificate within one month of receipt of application.
  • Identification of fit person and recommend to Govt. for declaring them as fit persons.
  • Participate and provide support for the successful implement ion of this programme.

 (c)     ACA:

  • Ensuring the enlist of all adoptable children including those who are kept in  institutions (Govt. & Non-Govt.).
  • Dissemination of data regarding all adoptable children with all Placement Agencies.

(d)     Adoption Placement Agencies:

  • Maintain a data bank regarding adoptable children with their respective jurisdiction and upgrade periodically.
  • Facilitate all adoption programme in their respective area.
  • Enlistment of prospective adoptive parents and prepare them for Adoption/Foster Care.
  • Follow up of adoptive children.
  • Ensure the Birth Registration of all children in the institutions

(e)     Police:

  • Identification of illegal child care centres and arrange to get prosecution orders from the District Collector and initiate action.
  • Preventing illegal adoption & child trafficking.
  • Complete the police enquiry with regard to abandoned children with in 2 weeks and submit report to District Collector/CWC.
  • Maintain a list of authorized Child Care Centers, Legal Adoption Centers and to ensure that all abandoned children have been placed only the Adoption Placement Agencies.
  • Sensitize all police functionaries about the Adoption and related matters.

(f)     LSG:

  •  Provide the birth certificate of orphan, abandoned, neglected and destitute children in the institution in a time bound manner.
  •  Identification of illegal child care centres in the respective area and initiate action for prosecution.
  • Identification of foster parents, Adoptive parents and initiate action for declaring them as fit person.  Impart training to them.
  •  Formulate plan programme for providing sponsorship to child in need of care and protection for at risk families.
  • Ensure the well being of Adoptive families through effective interaction by ward members.
  • Arrange special programme for Adoptive Parents and children.

(g)     DSWO:

  • Collect the details of adoptable children kept in the child care centres in the prescribed format with in 2 weeks.
  • Provide the data base to DC/CWC/DPO/ACA/Placement Agencies in the respective district.
  • Identification of illegal child care centres and provide details to District      Collector and the concerned police for initiate of prosecution.
  • Arrange to the shifting of children to legal child care centre in the order of District Collector/Child  Welfare Committee.
  • Provide all support to the District Collector for the effective implementation of the programme.
  • Develop the District Social Welfare Office as a resource centre.

 (h)  DPO: 

  • Conduct enquiry and submit report to District Collector/CWC for declaring the child as “Legally free for Adoption” with in 2 weeks.
  • Arrange for the transfer of Adoptable children from child care centers to Adoption Placement Agencies.
  • Receive Registration from Adoptive Parents and prepare the Adoptive parents for Adoption and conduct Home Study Report.
  • Facilitate Adoption/Foster Care from Juvenile Justice Institutions.
  • Follow up of Adoption cases.

(i)     J.J.Home Superintendent:

·                      Collect details of Adoptable/ Foster Care children in the institution.

·                      Ensure the Birth Register of all Adoptable children/Foster Care children in the institution.

·                      Prepare the Child Study Report in the prescribed format.

·                      Registration of Adoptive parents/Foster parents and facilitate the preparation for Adoption and Home Study.

·                      Ensure to obtain legally free for Adoption Certificate to all Adoptable children.

·                      Follow up of Adoptive children.

 (j)  Child Care Centres 

  • Provide details of all children in the institutions to DSWO in the prescribed format.
  • Submit the details of orphan, abandoned children to the District Collector/Child Welfare Committee  regularly.
  • Ensure the Birth Registration of children in their institutions.
  • Ensure that all orphans, abandoned children in their institution have been declared legally free for Adoption.
  • Arrange to transfer the orphan, abandoned children in to the Adoption Placement Agencies as per the order of Collector/Child Welfare Committee/ District Probation Officers

(k)      KAFO (Kerala Adoptive Families Organization):

  •  Propagation of Adoption concepts.
  • Enlist all adopted families in the organization.
  • Arrange monthly meeting of Adoptive Families in the respective district.
  •  Develop guidance and counseling centers.


2007 Year Target

 (1000 Adoptable children from Child Care Institutions )


 Communicate the details collection format to institution by Dist. Social Welfare Officer

Before the 2nd

 week of July 2007


The Institution will submit the details of children to Dist. Social Welfare Officer in the prescribed format.

Before 30th

July 2007


Dist. Social Welfare Officer will consolidate the list and prepare a profile of adoptable children in the district and provide the copies to all concerned

Before 15th

August 2007


Completion of Dist. Probation Officer enquiry/Police enquiry for issuing clearance certificate.

Before 15th

September 2007


Issue of clearance certificate by District Collector/Child Welfare  Committee

Before 30th

September 2007


Preparation of Child Study Report by the concerned agency/Dist. Probation Officer

Before 15th

October 2007


Registration of adoptive parents by ACA, Placement agencies, DPO, JJ Homes


August 2007


Completion of Home Study Report and preparation of Adoptive parents by DPO, Social Worker of ACA and Placement Agency

Before 15th

October 2007


Court procedure and placement of children


July 30th  2007


Identification of illegal child care centers by Police/Social Welfare/Revenue/LSG & report to Dist. Collector


August 30th 2007


Transfer of children from illegal Child Care Centres to legal Child Care Centre by Dist. Social Welfare Officer/Dist. Probation Officer.

Before 30th

August 2007


Preliminary meeting to be conducted by Dist. Collector

Before 30th

June 2007


Monthly review meeting by Dist. Collector

Every Month


Dist. Level Awareness Programme of orphanage Control Board/ACA/DSWO/ LSG

During June to

September 2007


Select of Foster mothers sponsor of LSG with the help of ICDS


July 2007


Training of Foster mother/


August 2007


Selecting by LSG fit persons


September 2007


Regular contact of prospective foster parents with institutional children


October 2007


Placement of Foster Care



Source : http://www.kerala.gov.in/