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About the foster home model for children

5) The foster home model is an alternate model to avoid institutionalising of

2 organisations that are working in the area of Foster Care in Mumbai are:

1. Family Service Center (www.fscmumbai.org)
2. Indian Association for the Promotion of Adoption and Child Welfare

Foster care is an important non-institutional service for the child, whose
biological family is unable to care for it, for a short or an extended
period of
time, due to illness, death, desertion or any other crisis situation. An
alternate foster family is identified who will provide temporary or long
care for this child so as to avoid institutionalization. Foster parents are
identified and approved after a detailed home study is undertaken. Foster
parents may be either relatives, neighbours, or friends
who are from a similar socioeconomic background.

Family Service Center has been a pioneer agency in the field of foster care
in the country.
Currently the agency operates the Balsangopan Yojana which is the foster
care scheme of the Government of Maharashtra.

Children relinquished for adoption are cared for by suitable foster
families living in Mumbai. The foster homes are supervised by the social
workers to
ensure that the child is nurtured in a loving family environment until

An Adoptive Parents Support Group has also been initiated by Family Service
which seeks to bring adoptive families together to share experiences,
discuss and deal
with pertinent issues related to adoption. The Centre also co-ordinates and
with other voluntary and Government organisations for policy formulations
development of the adoption programme.

from: http://www.karmayog.org/ngo/fsc/upload/189/familyservicecentre.pdf


Foster Family Care - For children awaiting adoption

a) Recruitment of suitable foster families for children awaiting adoption.
b) Programmes for the foster families for promoting quality care to the
c) Support, monitoring and supervision of the foster placements.

IAPA does not have a residential institution for the child's care. Instead,
the children awaiting adoption are placed in care with foster families, for
individualized, personal care.. The child stays in the foster family untill
such time that a suitable permanent family is identified for
adoption/guardianship and the mandated social and legal process is

from www.iapacw.org

We would like to have a list of all NGOs who undertake Foster Care, for
children awaiting adoption. (all over India)

If there have been any comparative studies done on Foster Care vs.
Children's Homes, we would like to have information about such studies and

Please send any information on the above to info@karmayog.org