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Some Statistics & Queries on Adoption in India

Number of children placed in adoption through Recognized Indian Placement
Agencies and Shishu Grehs during the last 6 years.

Year(Jan. to Dec.) - No. of children placed

2001- 3831
2002- 3770
2003 -3609
2004- 3315
2005- 3151
2006- 3261
2007 -3175

(However, this doesn't include in-country adoption figure of other licensed
adoption agencies recognized by State Governments.)
For table that includes more break-ups for the above figures, see

We would like the following information, if available:

- What reports do children's homes have to file with CARA?
- What are the checks that CARA has for children's homes?
- What is the database that CARA has on children annually?

- List of other licensed adoption agencies recognised by State Governments
- Number of children placed in adoption through these insitituitions

- What is the expenditure per child that the government or NGO spends for
children in these homes?
- For the disabled children, who are not adopted and continue to be in the
children's homes, is it possible for people to 'sponsor' or support them
financially as needed?
- Can support be given by NGOs and individuals?

Please send any information on the above, or details of sources of the same
to info@karmayog.org