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1. "KILKARI" on In country Adoption Procedures. (Hindi, 23 mts).
The film "KILKARI" is a soul-searching documentary which probes the problem of abandonedment of children as existing today and suggests ways of rehabilitation of these children through adoption. The film enunciates the ‘whys’ and ‘how’s of adoption through documentation of authentic cases, & incorporating bites of social workers, adoption agency in charges, Ministry officials, legal experts. It simultaneously shows a path to the childless couples, motivating them to adopt children who are parentless.

2. ‘BEYOND BOUNDRIES’ on Inter country adoption. (English, 23 mts).
Through authentic documentation of actual cases of foreign adoptions, bites of concerned officials of the Ministry, foreign and Indian adoption agencies and supportive visuals, narration, background music, this film gives an account of steps and procedures of Inter-country adoption.

3. Film "Palna" (Hindi: 23 mts) is made with an objective to motivate childless couples to adopt a child through Central Adoption Resource Agency. It describes complete procedure of in-country adoption including details of how to and from where to adopt a child. The film has been made with a special element of motivation for adoption of a girl child.

The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment plays a proactive role in sensitizing the opinion leaders, change agents and the people at large about the plight of the targeted population viz. Scheduled Castes, OBCs, Minorities, disabled, the aged and children in distress and the need to ameliorate their condition. This Ministry has produced several documentary video films on beneficiary oriented schemes with a view to disseminating information among the target groups. VHS copies of these documentary films can be procured from the Ministry on demand. 


Films up to 5 minutes : Rs. 120 + Rs. 51 as postal and packing charges.
Films between 5-30 min. : Rs. 180 + Rs. 51 as postal and packing charges.

Whom to contact for film :

Shri Arvind Nath Pareek (Assistant Editor),
Room No. 253(A), A-Wing, 2nd Floor,
Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment,
Shastri Bhavan,New Delhi
T.No. 3387690, Fax No. 3384918
Cassette of film will be delivered/dispatched after 10 days of receipt of order along with Demand Draft of requisite amount drawn in favour of PAO, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi.
URL: - http://socialjustice.nic.in/films/sd.htm