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                                                       IndiVillage: Rural BPO



IndiVillage is a design of a progressive village that invests in its children’s educations, nurtures its present resources, and commemorates its traditional heritage crafts—all by integrating into the information economy of the 21st century. Our ‘Profit for All’ model ensures that the rural BPO benefits all stakeholders and that profits are funneled back into the holistic development of rural communities in India. 

Our rural BPO is the backbone of IndiVillage. There is a lack of jobs in villages for the highly educated and qualified youth that live there. We have developed a world-class Impact-Sourcing center in Yemmingannur, Andhra Pradesh to try to reverse the rural-urban brain drain. Additionally, despite the boom of outsourcing in the 2000s, the benefits of these jobs have largely gone to a handful of billion-dollar corporations. IndiVillage aims to extend the benefits of globalization to even the poorest villages in India.

Our ‘Profit for All’ model ensures that all our stakeholders benefit from working with IndiVillage. Our clients benefit from our competitive rates, lower operational costs quality services, and seamless scalability. Our employees benefit from better wages, steady incomes and personal development. The market benefits from increased productivity and efficiency as well as new partnerships and connectivity. The community benefits from increased global exposure, productive citizens, and investment in tomorrow’s leaders. 70% of our employees are women. Average age of employees  is 25.