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                                                     Desi Crew: Rural BPO




The DesiCrew story is of a rural BPO pioneering a new vision for stimulating inclusive growth in India. With a decentralized business model providing competitive outsourcing solutions to clients and meaningful employment opportunities, we have established a technology driven, profit making social enterprise. Our story has only just begun but is already proving to be a meaningful and prosperous journey. Click on the links to the left to know more.

Business Model

The DesiCrew rural delivery model is a network of micro-centres strategically selected across rural and semi-urban locations. Each centre is professionally run with a 25 seat facility working in 2 shifts to provide back-end services to global clients. Locations of the micro-centres are identified in those territories with a population in the range of 10 to 100 thousand. The workforce manning these centres is built up by training the educated but under employed. The benefits of this model include:

1.     Creation of computer based/ knowledge related jobs in communities where there are no similar jobs.

2.     Lower attrition rates for the industry, as people are less inclined to leave their jobs given the improved quality of life and option of staying with their families.

3.     Lower costs for clients as overheads at these centres are far cheaper as compared to the urban counterparts.

Our Services

Creating value across-the-board

DesiCrew believes any labour intensive task, no matter how complex it may be, can be successfully and seamlessly migrated to our cost-efficient micro delivery centres. Our business outsourcing services at DesiCrew provide significant scope for maximizing business value through cost management, operational efficiency and innovation. All of this is made possible through our rural service delivery model. This model leverages people, processes and technology to deliver global service standards across various verticals - Insurance, Market Research, Internet & Mobile, E-Governance, and the Social Sector. The services we offer at DesiCrew include: Generate, Populate and Moderate Content, Digitization – Scanning and Data Entry, Live chat services, Mailroom activities, New Business Set Up, Project Management, Secondary Research, Transcription, Translation, Beta testing of web products, Localization of web products, Web Site monitoring and Custom.