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BPO firm Rural Shores to replicate business model in Kenya, Brazil




Rural Shores, a business process outsourcer which has set up centres in rural areas employing local talent, is set to replicate its business model in Brazil and Kenya.

The company is working with the Rockefeller Foundation and the World BPO Forum to set up BPO centres in these two countries.


The three-year-old company trains and employs rural youth who provide data processing and knowledge processing services to companies across the world.

It also works in partnership with companies like Infosys to operate BPOs in rural areas.

RuralShores was asked by companies in Kenya and Brazil to provide support in process management and operations of rural BPOs, said Mr Murali Vullaganti, Chief Executive Officer .

RuralShores is in talks with several companies and is “currently training employees of two companies in programme management and people management,” he told Business Line.


While the company's current focus is to cater to the Indian market, it is keen on setting up rural BPOs outside India, Mr Vullaganti said.

The company is currently working on the “proof of concept” at Kenya and Brazil and will then partner with companies to set up rural BPOs outside India, he added.

Meanwhile, RuralShores is working on expanding its presence within India.

It currently employs about 1,200 rural youth across 12 centres in India and is planning to set up six more centres at an investment of Rs 6 crore.


RuralShores will be hiring about 1,000 rural youth for the BPOs that will come up in Rajasthan, Assam, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in the next six months, Mr Vullaganti said.

The Bangalore-based company is currently funded by HDFC Bank and Lok Capital, and will raise another round of funding next year, Mr Vullaganti said.